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Bath salts can get quite pricey especially for someone like me who loves to soak every chance I get! So I love to do my own salts at home! It's really fun to experiment with all the different ingredients and wonderful smells, and at least I know that I'm only putting in what's good for my body! Today I'll share how I put together this delicious Lavender Rosemary concoction!

What you'll need:

 Epsom salt 
 Sea salt 
 Pink Himalayan salt 
 Baking soda
 Natural food coloring - I used blue & red
 Lavender & Rosemary essential oils
 Dried Lavender and / or rosemary

I wanted the salts to look visually beautiful in my big glass container so I used 3 different types of salt, but feel free to omit one or the other, it's all customizable. I added a tiny bit of red dye to my Epsom salt to make it pink, more red & blue dye to the Pink Himalayan salt to make it purple, and just a little bit of blue dye to my sea salt to make it blue. In the end add the salts little by little in turns to make pretty swirls in the jar!

Add a cup or so of baking soda to your salt mix - it balances your body pH and makes your skin soft. I also used some dried lavender buds because they are naturally fragrant and add to the aesthetic of the finished product. And of course most importantly, the essential oils. I suggest adding around 20 drops of essential oil per 500 grams of salt.

happy soaking!

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