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Recently I started using Amos Professional TRUE REPAIR Intensive Nourishing hair care line in hopes to bring my damaged hair back to life. My hair has become extremely damaged and brittle from bleaching it over the years, and now my only goal is to regrow healthy hair and to try and repair it as much as possible.

Amos Professional is a Korean salon hair care and styling brand, yet their products can be easily used at home for salon quality results! One of the hero ingredients in their True Repair line is Camellia Seed Oil, which is one of my favorite beauty products on it's own - and one that has been a holy grail in Asian beauty routines for thousands of years. TRUE REPAIR hair care products provide a much-needed intensive nourishing treatment for damaged hair making it soft and silky smooth. Their special formula maintains the internal bonding power and elasticity repairing the damage and fortifying the hair.

My hair has definitely become less fragile and more shiny since I started using the line, and I can really tell a difference from store bought products, Amos Professional really gives salon quality results! The products are going on 30% discount promotion 27th-30th of November so it's a great time to give them a try! 

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TRUE REPAIR SHAMPOO Shampoo with a gentle care
It is important to gently massage and shampoo damaged or dry hair on a daily basis. To resolve different types of hair concerns, TRUE REPAIR SHAMPOO includes coconut extracts that disinfects and softens the hair with a gentle touch. 


Our hair is mainly composed with the combination of protein, lipid, and moisture. Most importantly, protein is the primary base of our hair. Therefore, TRUE REPAIR TREATMENT CMC includes protein-based ingredients to improve the principles of growing healthy and radiant hair that can be used on a daily basis at home. 


Lastly, to ensure the improvement of the overall health and moisturization of our hair, it is important to towel- dry and apply the TRUE REPAIR ESSENTIAL OIL onto the hair. Then, blow- drying and stylizing your hair is an option of your choice! Lastly, applying extra drops of essential oil on the ends of the hair can further boost the moisture-locking process within the hair! 


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