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Falling asleep at night isn't something that comes easy for me. My mind is the most active during the dark hours of the day, and more often than not I find it difficult to quiet it down. On the other hand, during day time I'm way more lethargic and sleepy, but that's just my nature. As I searched for more natural remedies to fall asleep easier at night, and up my energy levels during the day, I came across The Good Patch. These patches, combining the highest quality, organically farmed hemp and plant extracts, were designed to deliver sustained, discreet relief for life's common ailments. They are paraben, latex, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, artificial dyes and color free.

There is a variety of patches specifically crafted for sleep, energy, hangover, period relief etc., some contain hemp and some don't, but I was specifically interested in trying their Dream patch for sleep support, as well as B12 patch, for energy. Long story short, I haven't had any trouble falling asleep quickly every time I wore the Dream patch. It's been a life saver, not only on sleepless nights, but also on long-haul flights, where I'd find it extremely difficult to wind down and relax.

As for the B12 patch, which is infused with Vitamin B12, caffeine and green tea, I find it life-changing for me. I'm so much more energetic and don't feel like going back to bed at 2pm when I wear the patch. I'm also super excited that they now have a B12 Patch subscription available at a reduced price point!

Check out The Good Patch on their Instagram for more product updates and use my code AIMEROSE20 on your next order for a discount!


Post in partnership with The Good Patch.

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  1. So going to have to check them out.


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