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Holidays very much associate with scents for me. There are so many distinctive aromas that we instantly remember when we think of the holiday season, cinammon, peppermint bark, clementines, pine needles, you name it. But it also makes me think of all the beautiful perfumes and scented products that we love to gift in my family! So I thought I'd do a little scent-focused gift guide to share my favorite finds that make a perfect Holiday gift!

The new N5 Fragments D'or sparkly body gel from Chanel is something dreams are made of. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't love to receive this. Just look at it! I know scents can be hit or miss, but usually Chanel is fool proof at least in my family, and I think Bleu de Chanel and the new Gabrielle makes a wonderful his & hers duo! Another homme parfum I love is Dior Sauvage - I'm giving it to my dad this year! Moving on to the beautiful presentation, Jo Malone is the best when it comes to gorgeous gift sets. They're packaging is a work of art and the products are pretty much fool proof at least I'd like to think so! Now home scents and candles... I know we all love Diptyque. And this year their Christmas collection is absolutely divine. I love their Pin Protecteur scent, and both candle and room spray are incredibly strong and beautiful. And last but not least, Christian Dior candles. Absolute luxury, I know, but what a special gift it makes! Their latest one, Encens Mystique, is absolutely wonderful. It smells like firewood and frankincense, and makes me all kinds of nostalgic.

Which is your favorite one?

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