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Well it's been a while. Even though I threw together a blog post or two here and there I had certainly lost the connection to my blog ever since jumping on the Instagram bandwagon 3 or so years ago. It's been an interesting experience for sure but most of all it made me realize the worth of my blog. To be honest I'm pretty much tired of Instagram, and while I'm not going to stop posting there, I have finally realized how disposable and short lived it makes the content you create. You pick and post one picture out of a hundred shots, post it to be seen by someone for 2 seconds or not seen at all (algorithm what?!). And with the pressure for every single picture to be somewhat special, there are thousands of photos I like that never seen the light of day. I honestly miss the days before Instagram. Blogs were the best! And I'm happy to see some of my old favorites still going strong to this day. You never know what could ever happen to a social platform, but a blog is always yours to do whatever you want with it. Here's to the new chapter! Let's bring blogs back to life. At least I'm bringing back mine!

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  1. Fantastic look :)

  2. These pictures are so beautiful! I definitely get what you are saying about Instagram. It's great...but the quick scroll and like aspect of it makes a lot of the content feel almost disposable. I personally love Instagram but I also love blogs. They are wonderful to read and you get to look through lots of fabulous photos as well.

    1. Thank you! And I completely agree. I love Instagram too just wish it was more innocent and easier like in the old days!

  3. Love the outfit! so cute! And welcome back!


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