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This Summer I had spent some time in Tuscany and finally got around to sharing the pictures! I don't have many as it was kind of a work trip for my boyfriend but we still snapped some good ones! This day we were driving around when we saw 3 beautiful horses down the road, of course we had to stop! I thought we wouldn't get any shots as the horses were behind a gate at a private property but right as we stepped out of the car the owner was driving by (talk about the timing!?) and stopped to see what we were doing here. We don't speak Italian nor did he spoke English, but he understood that we wanted to take pictures of the horses so he just opened the gate to his property and drove away! How nice was he! It was the most beautiful typical Tuscan setting and I couldn't be more excited to pet the horses and take some wonderful shots. Then the little white dog came running from the house by the end of the little pathway but didn't stay long when he realized we were frendlies passing by hahah! This was such a beautiful day and one of my favorite memories from Italy! 

I'm wearing: Auguste dress (sold out, similar)


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