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Jo Malone
I'm terribly picky when it comes to scents and quite frankly most department store fragrances smell blatantly same and chemical to me. On a contrary Jo Malone is one of those brands that I can always rely on to find a new beautiful scent - or make your own! I love that their scents all work with each other to create a unique blend to you. My new favorite combination is Earl Grey & Cucumber + White Jasmine & Mint. It's so incredibly fresh, and includes two of my favorite scents in a perfume - bergamot and jasmine. I've mentioned before that Jo Malone scents remind me of nature after the rain. It really does, all their scents have that nostalgic feel to them that takes your mind to other places in time.

I love the idea of fragrance combining and the endless scent variations that comes with it. What's your favorite Jo Malone scent or combination? 

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  1. I just start wearing perfume again.


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