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Skin color de la mer, beauty beyond skincare blog review
Creme de La Mer has been my preferred skincare brand for quite a while now, the soft moisturizing cream and the lifting eye serum are a part of my everyday routine I wouldn't change for anything, I just love feeling the difference in my skin after using these products, and while the price tag on these products might seem a bit excessive, it's the quality and the effect you're paying for. It's important to choose what you're putting on your face because it affects it in the long run.

Having said that, I was thrilled to hear the brand launched their makeup line, and the collection includes a foundation, a concealer and a powder, all for 'beauty beyond skincare', and honestly, I'm swooned by every single product... The foundation is silky, feels like it's barely there, yet it's full coverage and makes my pores disappear. Creamy as butter concealer hides any dark circles and doesn't crease, and as for the powder, it leaves the skin silky soft, and seems invisible on the face - the reason I refrain from many powders is because most of them leave my skin looking dull and cakey, well, this isn't the case. Within the collection there are also two brushes for foundation and powder, and oh boy, these are the softest things I touched in my life. Literally, I want to stroke them on my face all day long. Even if you're not interested in the new makeup products, get the brushes and thank me later!

Well, wasn't this quite a praise, but honestly, I'm head over heels in love with the collection. With all the active ingredients, it's not just makeup, it's skincare within makeup that also provides a flawless finish, which is something I was looking for a while now. 

creme de la mer the powder, skin color de la mer

the soft fluid long wear foundation creme de la mer
creme de la mer powder brush foundation brush
creme de la mer, skincolor de la mer




  1. That sounds so so interesting! Skincare within makeup is so important, that's why always try to invest in a bit pricier pieces but that do the job well. Might need to give a try to La Mer as I've always wanted to try out the brand but thought it was for a bit older generations. Thanks for the review Rasa!

    With Love,
    Bri | Instagram @imbrigita

  2. Hey!
    J'adore tes photos en out cas! La crème de la crème.! ;)

    ING: I love you pictures! they are awsome.
    Never heard about that brand before #shameonme
    See you soon!


  3. Those photos wonderful! I really want to try out La Mer products but they're a bit out of my prince range!

  4. amazing pics..i'm curious to try these products

  5. Wow, everything about this post is beautiful! Lovely photography and the set looks incredible! Very luxurious and the simplicity of the packaging really catches my eye x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  6. what a great makeup set.

  7. Absolutely stunning photography! No way I could afford these products but I can appreciate their prettiness :) xx
    Nicole | Nikki Bays

  8. such a beautiful post! love your photos

    This Girl Loves Chic xx

  9. Gorgeous pictures. The makeup sounds amazing.

  10. Love La Mer products..every product I've tried is beyond amazing, but so pricey :( I heard so many good things about the foundation as well!! <3

    XO, Jessi

  11. I've never tried this products before, they look nice!!

  12. Love your blog!
    The design, the photos... Amazing!!!
    Check my blog and my new post**
    xx, A Be-atriz

  13. Ive always wanted to try Lamer products but that price.....

  14. Gorgeous photos!
    I definitely have to try La Mer, everyone loves it!

  15. You look so gorgeous and I love your blog girl! xo, sharon

  16. I've always wanted to try their products because they have such great reviews. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I will definitely look into them!


  17. Wow, this powder set looks amazing! I too use La Mer for the eye creme and the moisturizing creme but haven't tried their makeup products. I will definitely have to look into them! Thanks for sharing your great review. xoxo, Christine

  18. Very nice post! I love your photos,so well taken!:)

  19. I love Lamer products :) You are such a natural beauty. Great post!
    Xx, Raysa

  20. I've always wanted to try Lamer products but they're so expensive. I love your photos!

    Face to Curls |


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