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Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite and go-to wellness brand, Saje. Not only they have some of the best essential oil diffuser blends out there, there's also body, skin care, and recently launched home cleaning products. It's like a little all-natural pharmacy and I am obsessed! 

Saje only uses ingredients derived from natural sources without any harmful toxins, synthetic fragrances, parabens, silicone or SLS, just nature. Last year I've made a decision to stay away from synthetic, questionable products as much as possible and Saje has been a wonderful addition to my day to day life. Our bodies absorb almost everything we put on it, so let's be mindful and choose natural. 

Some of my favorite products from Saje include: After the RainMountain High and Rain Forest diffuser blends - the most heavenly scents that transports you into a tiny cabin surrounded by foggy woods; Peppermint Halo - their most famous blend for the head, it smells incredible and actually helps with the headache; Bath Salt Soaks - I've tried Fortified Warmth and Unwind scents and they are both incredibly relaxing and smells just like a good SPA would. I also use AromaGem ultrasonic diffuser everyday and it has became my favorite out of quite a few others I've tried! 

I've also made it my mission to cut out all toxic home cleaning products from my home, so next on my list is Saje home cleaning products!

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