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Decorating your new home is no joke, sometimes it feels like a never ending process, there's always something you can change, update, re-arrange... But I love it, so much! I think it was always a passion of mine that I somehow suppressed. One thing I learned during the process of decorating my new place, is that I really don't like meaningless things. Like some random artwork that doesn't really mean anything to you, or remind of you of something, or some plain piece of furniture that you bought just because it was on sale and goes well with the theme. I love special things, I guess I'm looking for a meaning in everything, but that's what makes it special and personal, doesn't it?

One of my favorite 'special' things at home is my Night Sky wall art, which is the exact star map of the night sky in Los Angeles on January 29th, which was the first nigh of my trip to the US. I reminiscent about that trip to this day, in some ways it really changed me and the first day there is burned into my heart and memory. Now every time I lay on my bed, it brings me back in time.

I feel like it would make a wonderful gift to someone too, giving your loved one a star map of their wedding night, first kiss, or any other day under the sun (or should I say, stars?).

What makes your home special?


  1. Your house is coming along nicely.

  2. Your home looks great. I've moved into a new home recently and we did our own decorating, so I can totally relate with what you wrote.


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