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Essential oils and aromatherapy have become a big part of my life and this blog, and I'm super excited to present one of my most loved essential oil brands, Edens Garden. I discovered EG last Summer and have been in love with their brand and products ever since. I adore everything about them - 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils that have the best aromas, beautiful packaging, a huge array of product, and they're an ethical, women operated brand. Besides all that, I believe they have the absolute best prices available on the marker for such high quality oils. Although shipping to Europe can get a little expensive, I like to place a big order every quarter or so to get the best value and stock up on all of my favorite oils - and they are many, hahah! They also have some of the most beautiful diffusers that compliment any interior!

"Sourced from around the globe, Edens Garden essential oils are 100% pure with nothing ever added and nothing taken away."

Some of my favorite Edens Garden oils & blends you must check out: Greek Lavender & Spike Lavender (different than classic French Lavender, these are so incredible); Breathe Easier,  Stay Alert & Exhale (my favorite camphorous oils), Fearless (a wonderful woody aroma). 


  1. The pictures in this post made me smile. I recently picked up some new aromatherapy blends that I am loving!

  2. I have yet to get on the oil trend.