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Hey everyone! I'm currently in Paris for the Fashion Week and I could not be happier to be back in the city. Although it's insanely busy and I could never really see myself living here, it's so nice to visit every once in a while. Especially during this time of the year, when the air is getting crispier, the streets are covered in brown leaves and the rain is drizzling. I love Paris under the rain. It's a nice change from the weather in the South - it's crazy that it's still Summer weather back home. Fashion Week is such a fun time to be here, I've never seen this many fashionable people all over the city at the same time hahah! I'm so excited to work with Pretty Little Thing during this time, one of the brands that I wear almost everyday. This mustard yellow dress that I chose for one of the PFW days is the perfect transition piece from Summer to Fall - you can wear it with or without tights and it looks great either way! I paired it with a faux leather jacket and black boots for a chilly day and will continue to wear it back home with some sandals, because it's not going to be fall for quite a bit...

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  1. I love your outfit, super cute dress and shoes (or boots*)! Have a great week :) x

  2. beautiful photos! great look :)

  3. These shots of you are so gorgeous babe!! Love in in the leather jacket ahhh wish I could've gone this year <3 <3

    XO, Jessi

  4. Niceee!! Love so much the dress!

  5. Beautiful photos from Paris!

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