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Natural beauty

This Spring I decided to completely revise my whole beauty product 'collection', get rid of anything that has questionable ingredients and replace with 100% natural products. I do believe that everything our skin or hair needs can be found in nature without any nasty chemicals that not only doesn't help but can really harm you as well.

For the last few months I've been using hair & skin products from the latest launch of La Biosthetique,  Botanique - Pure Nature which is all about the power of plants, 100% certified natural, vegan, halal, and without additional alcohol, sulfates, mineral oils, parabens or silicon.

Three effect concepts

The product line consist of three different effect concepts: Gentle, Balancing and Intense. Gentle is a composition of natural essences of lavender (my favorite), ginkgo and rose geranium for the gentle and mild impact. The product range includes a shampoo, leave-in conditioner, styling mousse and cleaning gel.

Balancing concept contains aloe vera and jojoba with products for both hair & skin - a shampoo, skin mist and face cream. This line is unscented and perfect for sensitive skin, I love spraying my face with the mist throughout the day as it's so refreshing and makes the skin feel great.

Intense concept contains natural extracts like ginseng, lemon, mint and raspberry and smells so gorgeous! I'm only starting to try this line but so far I absolutely love it - especially the hair mask that leaves the hair silky smooth. The line also includes a shampoo, styling cream and hair oil.

It's such a pleasure using these products everyday knowing that they are completely natural, cruelty free, and aren't harmful to you in any way, only nourishing and nurturing your hair and skin with plant extracts that smell great - it's also like a little aromatherapy session every time you use them.


  1. Great decision! I made the switch a few years ago and switching to all natural and organic beauty is one of the best things you could do for your skin!
    Love your blog, btw

  2. I bet the Gentle smell is gorgeous, i adore lavendar.

    Abigail Alice x

    1. Ahh I'm obsessed with lavender!

  3. Love this post babe!! These days there are so many chemicals in beauty products!! I always try to use products that are paraben and sulphate free too, I'll need to check out this brand:)

    XO, Jessi

  4. Beautiful post and photos! Your hair is so goals! :)


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