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See by Chloe parfums eau fraiche, si belle review

I might have mentioned a few times now, See By Chloé is one of my favorite scents hands down. It's absolutely unique, vibrant, juicy scent. After liking it so much, I was tempted to try the other versions of it!
See By Chloé contains top notes of bergamot, apple blossom, middle notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang, base notes of musk, sandalwood, vanilla.

See By Chloé eau fraiche is basically a fresher version of the original, and I love it just as much! The scent is very similar just in a lighter, airier way. If you love the scent as much as I do, it's great to have both versions - fraiche for the morning and the original one for the night time!
See By Chloé eau fraiche contains top note of apple blossom, middle notes of water hyacinth, jasmine, base note of vetiver.

See By Chloé Si Belle is the newest addition to the line, and will be launched in February. Compared to the first two, Si Belle is a completely different story. It doesn't have neither apple blosom or jasmine notes, and it's not in any way similar to the other See By Chloé scents. When I smell Si Belle, I smell fresh laundry. Literally, it smells like that. I know some people will love this because it's the freshest scent you could ever find, but it's definitely going to be a love-hate thing.
See By Chloé Si Belle contains top notes of neroli, birch leaf, middle notes of gardenia, orange blossom, base note of white musk.

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  1. I've never tried a single Chloé fragrance but they sound so fresh, feminine and, well, yummy, I'll have to check them out when I'm next at a fragrance counter.

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

  2. gorgeous pictures, I love this perfume it smells amazing
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)


  3. Love the bottles and the pictures ! Gorgeous !

    Many giveaways on my blog right now !

  4. Such gorgeous photographs :) I love See by Chloe the original, it's one of my favourites too. Not sure about the new one, I love the smell of fresh laundry but as a room scent rather than a scent on me!

    The Makeup Directory

  5. Really nice. Chloe makes some very good fragrances. Thanks for sharing.

  6. sounds like it going to be a good smelling scent

  7. I'd love to try these fragrance myself!

  8. Anonymous1:14 AM

    These look beautiful. I'd love to try the pink one!

  9. Could not ignore this post:) See by Chloe eau fraiche is my favorite perfum recently! I agree that it is fresher than See, but they both are very good.

  10. I love SeeBy Chloé too. Perfect photos!

  11. Beautiful photos!


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