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Sonderborg Denmark
Which camera do you use? I'm using Canon EOS 600D (I believe it's called the Rebel T3i in the US) with 50mm f/1.8 lens. I love it!

What do you use to edit your photos? I'm currently using Photoshop CC. (But there's really no difference for me between this and the older photoshop versions when it comes to photo editing)

How do you edit your photos? I'm usually working with levels, curves and selective color on photoshop.


What's your hair care? Really not much to tell here! I don't have a favorite brand so I just use different products every time. The most important thing for me is the heat protector, because I use hot tools a lot.

How do you curl your hair? With a very old and crappy curling iron haha! It takes like 15 min to heat itself, I should really get a new one soon!

Please, do a makeup collection. There's not so much of the collection, really! I absolutely hate hoarding things, and having too much stuff drives me crazy. If there's a product or any kind of thing I'm not using much, I will give it away to my sister or mom if they want it. I also make sure to throw away the products as soon as they're expired - not taking any risks there! So here's how it is, I only like to keep my favorite things.


What are you studying? Do you like it? I'm studying fashion design. I'm happy for the things I learned, but I'm just not feeling passionate about it at the time... Maybe it's the other passions getting in the way of it, anyway, I still think that what I have learned will be useful for me in the future.

Will you be back to your country after graduation? I'm leaving Denmark this December to go home for Christmas and will be doing my internship afterwards (not sure about which country yet..!). So I will graduate in the summer, but to answer the question, I'm not planning on staying in my home country for a longer time, the wanderlust inside of me would tear me apart!


Where is one place you really want to visit one day? Oh my, I could never name one place, I want to visit everywhere... But let's say... maybe Asia?

What other bloggers do you admire and why? Tuula is my favorite travel blogger, I absolutely love Pink Peonies style and her every-girls-dream house, and The Cherry Blossom Girl blog makes me happy and inspired every time I visit!

What are your favorite places to shop? Shopbop, Asos, and ebay! I find so many goodies on ebay that aren't available anywhere else!

What is your big dream? For now, I want to travel as much as possible, experience different cultures, grow as a person and get out of my comfort zone.


Are you working besides blogging? No, blogging is my main and only job.

When you first launched your blog, did you ever think it will become your career? Definitely not, it always seemed like an impossible thing, but with time everything gets more clear and obvious. I wouldn't call it my career, but I'm really happy that I can call my best hobby my work.

It would be nice if you start writing in your post which products were sent to you for free and which products you purchased with your own money. I thought about doing that, and the reason I don't is because I always review products genuinely either I bought them or got them for free. I test them the same way, I research the same way, and if I don't like the product I won't write about it on the blog. And I wouldn't like if adding the c/o to to the products would make you question my words. But... I will think about it.

Thank you for your questions!


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  5. Great post. Loved finding out more about you. Your camera is amazing. Your take so many lovely pictures for your blog!

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  7. Thank you so much for anwsering my question!!

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  11. You are such an inspirational girl! I just discovered that you are actually from Lithuania, wow! Also wanted to let you know that I love your header, so nice!

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