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Alright, we all know how I feel about my notebooks, so you can imagine how excited I was to get this beauty to my hands! It's a dayplanner for 2014, which also includes monthly planner for 2014, national and international holidays, international dialing codes, clothing sizes, measurements, temperature conversion tables, world time zone chart, travel planning memo page, birthdays and important dates memo page, extra notes, year planner for 2015, celebrations for 2015 and a removable address book at the back. Awesome! And it's so beautiful, definitely the prettiest planner I've ever seen! I love that old look with gold ornaments, maybe baroque if I'm not mistaken?


  1. I need to find myself a planner for 2014, it's coming round so quickly.



  2. You always take the most beautiful pictures!

  3. i love dayplanners - i got a lovely gold one for next year

  4. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who loves planners. I get so excited about them too and go out and buy the perfect pens. Must be a girl thing. Have you seen the Erin condren life planners? Amazing!! XOXO


  5. I adore writing in journals and planners. I had the exact same one for all my school work last year they're so useful!


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