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It's no secret I love me some bathroom goodies! But who doesn't, really? I really got into handmade soaps, they smell amazing! This pomegranate soap smells so incredibly good, and look at that color! It just looks so beautiful!

I love using body exfoliators, they make the skin so nice, smooth and fresh. This 'pink himalayan salt exfoliator' does it's job really nicely leaving the skin super soft, and rose & lavender scent is really nice and refreshing.

I have recently discovered whipped body butters, and oh my lord they are so cool! The texture is amazing, it's like a whipped cream that you put on cake! It's very thick and nourishing, best for the driest parts of the body.

How sweet is this little cupcake soap! With some sparkles and a rose on top it looks so pretty. And it also smells wonderful, I got it in the scent coconut rose, and it's so delicious I could eat it, haha!

This cream is just something magical. It smells just like chocolate, so delicious, oh my.  Everyday I just look forward to using it! It makes the skin really nice and soft, and you can feel the scent for hours. I'm obsessed!

Also got this sweet little heart soap, it smells like strawberries, so delicious!


  1. beautiful items.

  2. This is very lovely, I wish my bathroom was big enough for cute goodies :)

  3. Beautiful and so romantic.

    Best wishes, minnja

  4. Lovely products :)

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  5. Oh, I'm so jealous! I almost never have time to enjoy a slow aromatic bath...

  6. Your blog is amazing dear :)

  7. Kaip visko uzpavydejau! :>


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