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Frames: Charlie Chalk | Vase: Francesca&Florence | Coco Chanel sign: CraftyClara | Candle: JOIK

Not a while ago I have discovered a natural cosmetics brand called JOIK which instantly became one of my favorites as soon as I tried their products. The products are hand-made in Estonia as natural as possible. I got one soy wax candle from JOIK called 'Cinnamon bun'. It's burning as I write and I'm feeling like in some kind of scent heaven, I kid you not. The smell is so good and strong, the aroma filled the whole apartment and made it feel warm and cosy. It's the nicest smelling candle I have ever had, it's the most perfect scent for fall and winter.

I also got grapefruit & mandarin body scrub with sugar and jojoba granules. As well as the candle, the scrub smells just as heavenly. Both sweet and citrusy, it's a magical scent. The product feels super soft, thick, smooth and creamy, different from any other scrubs I have tried before, it instantly became my favorite of all. I know it might sound exaggerated, but I'm truly excited about these products so much! There's a salon in Copenhagen called Clinique Camille where they sell JOIK products, now I know where I'll be shopping as soon as I'm visiting!


  1. Lovely blog post ! Feels cosy !

  2. I have tried just JOIK lip balm which was pretty nice, but too oily for me. For a long time I have wanted to try they candles, so I think it's the right time to do it! Have to say that I love your pictures, they're always interesting to me. :)

  3. This sounds like a lovely candle, gorgeous photos used as well.

  4. Anonymous9:18 PM

    loved the pictures :)

  5. Lovely post hun this looks lovely, I also love candles.
    I have a Mac and Lush giveaway open international if you want to enter hun :).


  6. I love natural cosmetics....every girl must have them!

    Lo stile di Artemide

  7. I´m from Estonia and I love JOIK products too ;)



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