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Hair brush from Forever21

Hi sweethearts! So I thought it is time to have a little hair talk over here. I love having long hair and I never even considered cutting it short as I think it just won't suit me, but we are all aware that it requires a lot of care if you want your long hair to be healthy and beautiful! I've recently went at the hairdressers to cut my ends and the lovely lady told me what I was doing wrong which caused splitting ends and dry hair! So what she said was that I shouldn't use hair conditioner (say what!?) but only hair masks instead, as hair conditioners aren't that good for a long hair! She also told me that if you're likely to wash your hair every day (like me, well, I'm trying to get rid of this habbit), you should use clear consistency shampoo for normal hair! So I listened to her, and changed my hair routine. I have to say it really works! I've also been using hair oils that you can see in the picture above, one on wet hair, and the other one on dry hair before going to sleep (just a little bit), and my hair looks way more healthy again!

What I really love about having a long hair are all the different hairstyles! There's so much you can do with long hair, of course you can alternatively use hair extensions for that, it is a really great way for girls with short hair who wants to change the look from time to time (by the way, some really nice ones can be found at ) but of course it's easier when you already have your own long hair! And all those hair accessories, oh my, it's my addiction, everytime I see something cute to clip into your hair when walking at the mall, I just can't pass through it! Bobby pins, clips, hair ties, headbands - I want it all, haha! Even though I don't wear that kind of stuff every day, I just adore it!

Anyways, I'm still looking for more ways to help my hair which tends to get dry easily, especially when curling or using a flat iron. If you have any hair beauty secrets, please do tell haha! Also, what's your favorite hair care products brand? Let me know if you have found something that helped your hair to be healthy and beautiful!


  1. i feel your pain girl my hair gets so dry! I have been loving the ojon dry recovery shampoo lately works great!!


  2. My hair gets quite dry as well. Try stay away from silicones! They tend to reeeeally dry out the hair in the long run! They make it look as if your hair is healthy and shiny but deep down it is really bad for your hair. x
    Maria xx

  3. Kosmetyki do włosów są ważne ;-)
    Ja używam kosmetyki Nivea^^
    Fajna szczotka do włosów ;p
    pozdrawiam ;*


  4. that brush looks so lovely !

  5. your hair is absolutely beautiful, mines around the same length now and i'm too scared to get it cut haha xx

    the brush is also so cute!

  6. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Love it

  7. Such a beautiful hair
    Great post! Thanks for sharing!


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