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Hello hello! Happy summer to everyone! In the summer time, peaches and corals are one of my favorite colors, not only for fashion matters, but for beauty products too! I have recently picked up some new beauty items for the summer time, let me know if you would like to see swatches of any of these! 

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in the shade Tickled
I really really love cream blushes! They look so natural and gives a perfect glow to the skin. This in particular is so beautiful and perfect for summer. It's like a peachy coral with some golden shimmer in it, looks amazing on the skin!

Revlon Colorburst lip butters in shades Wild Watermelon & Juicy Papaya
Lip butters are perfect for summer, they are light, moisturising, but gives a really great color pay off. I got Wild watermelon, which is a redish pink color, and Juicy papaya, which is a beautiful pinky orange, such a summery shade!

NYX Soft matte lip cream in Milan
I've talked about these earlier, I already had shades Sao Paulo, Amsterdam and Antwerp, and now I got Milan. It's quite a collection now, I just love them so much, they are my favorite lip products ever! Milan is a really nice dark pink with some purple undertones.

Rimmel Stay Matte powder & Maybelline Age rewind dark circles eraser
Since I used up my Too Faced matte powder, I've been looking for another one, and decided to try Rimmel's stay matte powder. Well, it's not as good as Too Faced powder was, and I don't like the smell too much, but it's fine for daily basis. About the Maybelline age rewind dark circles eraser - it makes miracles! Wow this product makes my face looks so fresh!

Maybelline Color Whisper in shade Coral Ambition
Love love love. This is the prettiest lip color I ever had! It's the perfect coral, and I love it's consistency, it glides on perfectly and stays for a really long time, it kind of stains the lips. Highly reccomend!


  1. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Viskas atrodo išties vasariškai. :)) Ar galima būtų sužinoti, kur įsigijai Maybelline Age rewind dark circles eraser? Atrodo Lietuvoje tokio nesutikau...

    1. Viską pirkau :)

    2. Anonymous2:23 PM

      Ačiū, reikės apsilankyti :)

  2. O aš vis stebiu tavo simpatiją kreminiams skaistalams ir pati niekaip neprisijaukinu jų dar.. bet dabar kadangi atsirado NYX Lietuvoje, galbūt tikiuosi, susidraugusiu pagaliau ir su jais!:)

    1. Omg, NYX Lietuvoje?? Kur kur? Noriu i Lietuva!!!:D

      O tavo, Rasa, nuotraukos, visada nuostabios. :)

  3. Love that last lip colour and the cream blush! I've never used cream blush but will defiantly be giving it a go!

    cat x

  4. Tie Revlon lūpų sviestukai kažkas tokio :) labai faini, o NYX neteko bandyti, bet labai knieti, kai esi lūpų produktų maniakė :D

  5. Beautiful makeup selections! I love the pink hues - perfect for summer!

  6. Too, right very summery colours. Love the way you presented them! Great post!
    Feel free to check out my new post!

  7. Hi pretty! You've a lovely blog:) I like it!
    Thank you por your comment, I follow you now:D

  8. This is such a pretty post and your blog is so lovely too! You obviously have a very good eye for making things look fabulous :)
    Frankie xx


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