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Hey there. Perfumes is something that I really adore, the scents, beautiful feminine bottles, oh it's so magical. But I could never use one perfume everyday, because I always get tired of the scent, so I'm gonna show you my favorite and the most used perfumes.

 Versace Bright Crystal. I like this a lot, but i like it more for the summer time. Maybe because it's so light and fresh. I love this, but I think I wouldn't buy this again.

Miss Dior Chérie. This is so good, i love this perfume. But I could never use this everyday, the scent is a little too heavy for me. Although I like to use this in the evening, mostly on weekends, 1-2 days a week.

Marc Jacobs Lola. And that's my favorite perfume ever. I love it so much, and I would definitely buy this again. I also like "Oh Lola", but I think they are really similar. Oh, and I almost forgot, that Lola might have moved to my second favorite since new Marc Jacobs perfume "Dot" was released... Oh my, it's divine... I can't wait to get it.


  1. Sveika, malonu!

  2. I loooove Miss Dior Cherie! :-)

  3. omg did you draw that? so good! I like your blog(love the pastel colours everywhere :D ), maybe you want to visit mine,too? if you want to follow each other, just leave a comment :)



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