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Hey girls!
 Since I started writing about school, here's one more post. Today it's about school makeup bag essentials. Actually, it's not really about makeup, but about the main things that you might want to have in your bag. I'm doing this post for myself also, because I always forget some of these things, so here's the list.

1. Mirror Of course you should have a mirror, to check your makeup, or hair, or anything like that.
2. Hand lotion Actually I don't usually carry a hand lotion in my bag, but when really cold weather comes in town, sometimes it's really important to keep your hands moisturized. So I just use this Aigner lotion bottle as a container for any cream I want, because it's just so small and perfectly fits into my makeup bag.
3. Sanitizer Well, it's not really a sanitizer. It's some detergent liquid I got in Turkey, and it smells like lemon, so I really like that! Oh, and a bottle was too big for me, so I also used Aigner body mist bottle as a container for that.

4. Hair brush I usually keep my hair down, so it gets tangled, and a hair brush is a must.
5. Lip balm Lip balm is the only makeup that I carry in my makup bag.
6. Hair clip What can I say, sometimes you just want to clip your hair! 

And of course, you need a makeup bag to keep all that stuff. :) Thanks for reading!


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