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I think an expensive watch is more of a symbol than an accessory. A symbol of luxury, a symbol of achievement. Let's take rolex ladies crown collection - the watches are absolutely beautiful, but, I mean, there must be more of a meaning behind it if you're spending $10,000 + on it. Of course often brands like rolex are used to show off the status, but it is as well a timeless piece that can be passed through generations, as a reminder or even a lucky talisman of a great success. I would love to own a ladies rolex one day if I am lucky enough to be that wealthy. But I would sure get such a statement piece not to show off the status, but to reward myself for great achievements, to wear it as a symbol, that anything is possible. Let me know your thoughts on this!

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  1. I totally agree, it's an amazing statement just to treat yourself to how far you have come and having it as an achievement. If I one day get that wealthy, I would love to own one, they're so nice!

  2. I have never a watch person but they look lovely on the pictures !


  3. lovely pics...sometimes is a symbol...but i think it's a great accessory

  4. I agree completely...Symbol! Great post and I am working on my Rolex now =). Do not forget to enter the Jeremy Tarian sunglasses giveaway.

    Eye See Euphoria :

  5. I love watches! They can make your outfit complet and let your accessoires stand out even more!


  6. Labai labai norėjau Wellingtono laikrodžio, nežinau ar dėl vardo, ar dėl grožio ar dėl dar kažko.. Bet kai turėjau atitinkamą sumą, kažkaip net pagailo tiek pinigų išleisti ant laikrodžio... Radau pigesnį variantą, ne kažkokį plagijatą ar šiaip panašumų turintį, bet tiesiog tokį koks buvo gražus ir jaukus, mielas širdžiai taip sakant. Tai kažkaip negaila tos sumos jau:)) Bet ateity vistiek labai labai norėčiau tokios vat, kad kaip sakai, būtų galima perduoti iš kartos į kartą ir realiai kažką simbolizuotų...

  7. I wear different watches everyday, but for me they are niether an accessory, neither a symbol. I wear watches 'cause I actually like knowing the time without taking my smartphone out. Was it not once the meaning of watches? On the other hand, I do really think they are cute and I like wearing different styles of watches depending on what I want to say about my outfit that day - clasier or cuter. But my watches are all crazy cheap, so it may only be a symbol of my mood, but not my status.